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Ah… the thought of swinging on the beach during sunset fills me with happiness.

Secret obsession

I would venture to guess that most people have a secret (or perhaps not so secret) obsession with something that their friends perhaps don’t get. Perhaps you like to read all the juicy rag magazines, secretly wish you were a Kardashian, have a body full of tats underneath your clothes or dream you did, or spend $20 on scratchers every payday hoping that that will be the last day you’ll have to work! 

My obsession is  **gasp** financial podcasts.  I know I know, get the smelling salts out… Financial podcasts have become my (not so secret) obsession over the last couple of years. All of my favorite podcasters keep me company when I’m not charting or talking on the phone with doctors in between patient visits. So it should come as no surprise that on my drive home this evening I was listening to Smart Money Mama and the guest said that she sat down and had a conversation with her husband about the things in life that make them each the happiest. 

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Oh, to have the happiness of a pup running free in the grass!

What makes me happy? 

What a simple question but I honestly can’t tell you the last time I sat down and pondered that thought. I’m so busy doing and getting the things done that need done that I haven’t even thought about the most simple elements of my life… What makes me the happiest? 🧐
The woman went on to talk about how this conversation caused them to move from big city living to a 66 acre house in the woods surrounded by fruit trees and vegetable gardens. They went from subway commutes to leisurely hikes. 

I think it’s imperative that we take the time in our lives to ponder this question because ultimately the answer of this question is our WHY. Why we work so hard… Why we want to save money… Why we want to be the best person that we can be… Why we wake up in the morning and essentially why we want to take our next breath!

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Hmmmmmm 🤔 What makes me happy? 

*I immediately thought of a couple of my favorite places in Paris with my boyfriend and the joy that planning trips brings me. Or standing on a remote Gulf beach in Louisiana awaiting the sunset or getting toasted in as Magnificent Bastards in Texas. Or simply sitting on the couch watching CSI reruns.

*Snuggled on my bed watching A Series of Unfortunate Events with my son and my maltshichon (maltese/shih tzu/bichon frise) pups as my son begs me to stay up and watch one more episode even though it’s already midnight, and I work in the morning.

*Relaxingly searching with my oldest through clothes at Goodwill or driving around while I collect pokeballs for Pokémon Go or texting her how to adult when she encounters things she’s never had to do. 

*Cooking dinner in the kitchen that I remodeled while my 13-year-old talks my ear off and shares her highs and her lows and makes me laugh uncontrollably as I roll my eyes at her fanatical thoughts.

*Family… Inside jokes with my sisters, just sitting on the couch and hanging out with my parents or standing around in the kitchen while some of us cook and some of us eat while the kids come and go and complain about this and that, asking if they can have a pop from the garage fridge at Grammy & Grandad’s… This is what life is made of, the little things that add up to something so much bigger!

And what feels like 1000 other things… Dreaming of goals and meeting them, helping people, waking up exhausted but knowing that I’ll get through the day because I always have before. On a very superficial and a very deep level helping is what I always long to do… I love to be able to help those that I care for. 

OK so I started thinking a little more, trying to go a little deeper… Family is the obvious answer, as it should be. I have felt for some time that I am currently right where I need to be, the right where I’m at isn’t where I know that I will always want to be though. So where is that? It’s a very deep thought and being that I only heard this podcast a couple of hours ago, I haven’t really had time to digest the depth of my answer but you can guarantee that I will over the next hours and days. 

So other than financial podcasts and my loved ones, what makes me happy?

My faith
Hikes and car rides with my loves 
Wearing Makeup without masks
Home improvement projects and keeping my hands busy
planning long trips & getting to experience them
Christmas morning and random surprises for my kids
White Coffee 
Healed wounds (glamorous life of a nurse!)
Good food prepared & shared well 
Musicals & superhero movies
people saying stupid things at the right time that make me laugh until I’m running to the bathroom 
My kids on stage
Starting up a fire
Trying to capture unique photos and trying to capture moments without photographs in my memory
Whimsical writing
Creative moments of inspiration 
Physical touch
Taking off my sweaty scrubs after a hard day’s work
Getaways with my mom and sisters
impromptu dance parties and sing a longs
Saturday morning donuts & coffee with my dad
Dreaming of a cure for Alzheimer’s 

And I look forward to the day when I can have the peace of mind of having my emergency fund fully funded, my investments are growing, my kids are healthy & thriving, and I can travel the world once or twice a year or just spend half a year away.  And, ultimately, not having to work so many hours. Having the time to do all of the happy things!

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